Price: $300

State: California
City: Anderson
Zip code: 96007
Type: Pets

This girl needs a very special home. NO first time dog owners! NO Kids please! Rusti is a 2 year old AKC registered German Shepherd,we purchased her from Allen German Shepherd kennel and she was shipped to us. When we got her she was terrified out of her mind. I do believe she was a kennel dog and never had any human interaction.
She ran from us for the first 3 months and slowly has started coming around to us. She has never bit anyone, however she is very timid. When on the leash and on walks she is a completely different dog! Tail wagging and very content. But once you unleash her she will run from you.
She just needs a home with NO rowdy kids. I do have a 10 year old and Rusti has did really well and loves her, she is the only person Rusti will come up to and is great with her. She has a very HIGH prey drive meaning she does NOT like when fast bikes pass her or kids rund past her, she automaticly wants to chase and bark. She is a wonderful watch dog and will bark at strangers. She needs someone who has time to invest into socializing her and break her out of her shell. I do believe with time she will be an amazing dog. She was just locked away in a kennel too long.
I will let her go as PET for $300 to APPROVED home only!! I will be very picky where she goes and I will bring her to you so I can see where she is going! You MUST have a fully enclosed yard or she will run off!!
Rusti has had 2 litters and is a very attentive,loving, wonderful Mom who threw very nice babies. I will consider letting her go with Full AKC unspayed to approved home for $. NO KENNELS!!!! Period!!!
She loves other dogs male and female.
CALLS ONLY please 530 921 . Thank you.